Professional Need // 2-weeks package

Educate your staff, improve your production process and your productivity by using Adrien's expertise as a baking consultant.

If you run a bakery but have no previous experience in the field, you may need guidance. Adrien will put his expertise as a French baker at your disposal for two weeks, to help you and your staff gain knowledge as well as increase your visibility in the field.

Price: Contact us!


What’s included in the 2-weeks package?

  • Step 1: observation of your range of products and your methodology in the production process.

  • Step 2: an open discussion about your needs and your expectations -staff not allowed in the meeting.

  • Step 3: proposition of a few plans of action following your needs.

  • Step 4: the establishment of the agreed plan of action -staff mandated in the meeting.

  • Step 5: creation of new products to improve your sales.


By the end of the two weeks, your staff will be more confident, your production process will be improved and your productivity should pick up. After a month, Adrien will touch base with you to check the progression.

From France, Adrien and Charlotte met in Canada. In August 2017, Elijah was born followed by Noah in February 2020. A baker since his teenage years, Adrien always longed for the day he would be opening his bakery, supported by his family. Now is the time.


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