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What I've learned about RVs...

... and how we picked ours.

When we decided on our project, we had absolutely no idea what we were getting ourselves into. And honestly, I'm still not quite sure we do. But choosing our future house on wheels was our priority and first assignment. And what an assignment it was! So many damn options!!! Did you know there were 5 types of RVs? I had no idea!

The CLASS C MOTORHOME pretty much looks like a truck with room on top of the cab. The CLASS B MOTORHOME is some sort of cargo van and is usually smaller than the Class C. The CLASS A MOTORHOME -where does it stop?!- is what I call a tour bus. Then, you have the TRAVEL TRAILER which needs to be hitched to a car or a truck. And finally, the FIFTH-WHEEL which needs to be hitched in the bed of your pick-up truck.

Do you know which one you want / need yet? Yay, me neither...

The best is to make a list of what you really do NOT want to compromise on. For us, the list was pretty straightforward: a secure spot for the kids to travel, and I absolutely did NOT want to make a bed at the end of every damn day. After lots of research, we quickly realized a motorhome was out of the question. Why? Because strapping the kids in the living space is not a safe enough option according to us. The seat belts at the back of a motorhome are only attached to the dinette bench -made of wood or plywood- and not to the structure of the motorhome. Needless to say that, in case of a serious accident, the seat belts would fly off and your kids along with them... those are just not tested for security. I did not want to take any risk. This left us with two options: the travel trailer or the fifth-wheel. And we picked...

*drum rolls*

A fifth-wheel!

Now, we just have to trade our minivan for a pick-up truck! Ha ha ha.

Stay tuned as we will shortly post a tour of our trailer...


From France, Adrien and Charlotte met in Canada. In August 2017, Elijah was born followed by Noah in February 2020. A baker since his teenage years, Adrien always longed for the day he would be opening his bakery, supported by his family. Now is the time.


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