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Things to do around Creston, BC.

While we stayed a few days in Erickson, we took the opportunity to explore Creston and its area. Here is a list of things we enjoyed doing:

  • A day at Kootenay Lake

It took us a while to find a spot not invaded by mosquitoes... but once we did, the boys were able to enjoy a quick dip into the lake -the water was really cold!

By now you all know that if there is something with a train involved, we have to go. The Creston Museum has a Model Railway Exhibit. Unfortunately, the exhibit was closed because of Covid... but luckily, we were able to enter the room since we were the only one there. Ssssh. I have no picture of the model because I didn't want to abuse our luck but I can assure you Elijah was very happy to see it!

Right across from the museum is this little gem of a Fish & Chips. I'm no fan of fish but I do enjoy a good fish & chips. And this charming little place was perfect!

  • A day at the river (around the bridge on Canyon-Lister Rd)

For Adrien, it was the best day ever!

  • Mt Thompson

We didn't do the hike because it seemed challenging with the kids, but the view we got from driving halfway to the top was beautiful enough! A bit of warning though, the forestry road is very bumpy and you need the appropriate truck to go all the way up!!


From France, Adrien and Charlotte met in Canada. In August 2017, Elijah was born followed by Noah in February 2020. A baker since his teenage years, Adrien always longed for the day he would be opening his bakery, supported by his family. Now is the time.


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