• Charlotte

Things to do around Christina Lake, BC.

We stayed at the Christina Lake Motel and RV Park for 5 days to explore the area. Here is a list of things we enjoyed:

  • Christina Lake Provincial Park

Only a few minutes from our RV Park, this provincial park is small but has a nice beach area. The lake has actually the reputation to be the warmest in all of Canada!

One thing we never miss to do when stopping somewhere is to check out their bakery. Since we are looking for a place to open a micro-bakery or a bakery-cafe, it's important to us in order to see if there is already one and if so, if it provides what we would. In other words, we are checking out the potential competition! From The Hearth Bakery is actually a micro-bakery; it had some nice products including this blueberry muffin and a delicious italian focaccia.

Another place we always go to is the coffee shop. Partly because we are addicted to coffee -at least Charlotte is- but also because we want to see what kinda place it is, what they have to offer and if it would play as a competition as well. One thing I can tell you for sure about this place is they have amazing smoothies made with fresh local products! Also a few gluten free and vegan options, which is always a plus nowadays.

  • Cascade Fall

A very short drive from the village, going towards the US border, there is a short walk to a waterfall. The current was actually very impressive! We got a bit lost, the trail is not very well indicated once you've reached the top of the 43 steps -yes, Elijah is into counting lately- and you have to go up on the left side if you want to reach the easy path -part of the Great Trail. We continued straight and it was an unmaintained trail; we ended up turning around because it became impracticable with a toddler. So not sure we've even seen the whole waterfall... but it was a nice walk anyways! (pssst, there is a Geocaching to find if you go the wrong way)

  • Grand Forks

You can view our article about our day spent in Grand Fork. It's only a short drive from Christina Lake and it has great features!

  • Gladstone Provincial Park

Farther North, there is a bigger provincial park with multiple beachy spots. Christina Lake is also very popular for fishing Kokanee, rainbow trout and small-mouth bass. Since we are limited for hiking after Adrien's recent surgery, we found a nice spot to fish and enjoyed the water. Unfortunately -or fortunately for me- no fish on the menu for tonight!