• Adrien

The best buttery brioche.

A lot of people liked our video of the mixing brioche dough on IG, and as promised I'm about to give you the French recipe of brioche -made with A LOT of butter, as it should be. The recipe I'm sharing with you is the one I was taught at the Bakery School in France, which is one of the best and easiest I've ever made.

I try to post as many recipes using sourdough because I love working with it, but when pastry cooking I am not a big fan. In my opinion, the sour taste doesn't work with every flavour so I use fresh yeast for this recipe.

I would recommend using a Kitchen Aid -6qt being enough.

What you will need:

  • 500 grams of white flour,

  • 300 grams of eggs ( apprx 6),

  • 10 grams of salt,

  • 65 grams of sugar,

  • 20 grams of fresh yeast,

  • 250 grams of COLD butter.

  • 100 grams of chocolate chips (optional) to be added 2 min before the end of the mixing.

STEP 1: add all of the ingredients but the butter into the mixing bowl. If you are using a Kitchen Aid, you can start mixing at number 2 until everything look well mixed all together and form a smooth dough.

STEP 2: keep mixing the dough, but this time on number 3 for 6 min. While the dough is mixing, prepare your butter by cutting it into chunks of the same size (doesn't have to be perfect). Leave them on a plate by the mixer.

STEP 3: after the 6 minutes, you should have a nice dough -don't worry, a bit firm is normal at this point. You want to keep mixing the dough at number 3 while slowly adding the chunks of COLD butter into the mixer. Once you've put all the butter, add a 10 minutes timer and check every 2 to 3 minutes to make sure the butter is properly being incorporated into the dough. During this process, the dough WILL stick to the bottom of the mixing bowl; but once the 10 minutes are over, your dough should be all shinny and smooth. If it still sticks to the bottom, leave it another minute or so and try increasing the speed a little too as it might help.

STEP 4: take the dough from the mixing bowl and leave it to rest for 30 minutes on the table, covered with food wrap or even a dish towel. Once the 30 minutes are done, fold each corner to the opposite side -to form a round shape- and flip it so that the part that was touching the table is now on top. Put it in a container or bowl with a cover -it can be a slightly damp dish towel, just make sure it doesn't touch the dough- and leave it in the fridge for 12 to 24 hours.

STEP 5: bring some water to a boil into a sauce pan, put it in your oven and close the door. This is a trick to transform your oven into a homemade proofer!

STEP 6: take your dough out of the fridge, put it on your table and weight pieces of about 70 grams each. You should get around 16 pieces, and each brioche loaf will be made of 8 pieces. Take each piece and roll it as round as possible. Put the boules on a parchment paper side by side so you have 2 aisles of four. Then drop the parchment paper with the boules into your pan. Do the same thing with the rest of your dough.

STEP 7: Put your brioche into your oven -now homemade proofer- and leave it for apprx one hour and a half -up to 2 hours if needed. Once the dough rises just above the pan, it is ready to be baked. Take your brioche out and preheat your oven at 360F. Once the temperature is reached, break an egg into a bowl -you can also use milk- and gently egg wash your brioche with a brush. Bake the brioche for 25 minutes, checking with a knife if the middle is baked. Take it out of the pan after 5 minutes out.

Enjoy this beautiful buttery brioche of yours! Don't hesitate to like, share and leave a comment! And if you have any question, shout me a message and I will help you out as soon as possible. Happy making!