• Adrien

Sourdough Lover

I could talk to you about the benefits of Sourdough bread and use words like carbohydrates or glycemic index. I could tell you there is more protein in a single slice of sourdough than in a whole egg. Or even mumble something about prebiotics! But I'd be putting on an act and pretend I know technical stuff I just copy-paste from the internet. There are many great articles out there talking about the health benefits of sourdough... I don't feel the need to emphasize the knowledge already available.

I personally have always been fascinated by cheese. Knowing the fact that a bunch of germs well-fermented could give you an incredible taste and texture... yum! Well, I find the same kind of logic with Sourdough. The possibility and opportunity of new loaves of bread opened up to me like Pandora's box. And I'm not only talking about bread... really anything that you can make with fresh yeast could be done sourdough as well.

Now, what I want to talk about are the reasons I love to work with Sourdough rather than with White dough. I want to give you my baker's point of view.

First of all, the process of making Sourdough only uses four ingredients and there is absolutely no need for preservatives or any chemicals. The most important part of the process is a good starter, which will give your bread or baking the rise it needs. You can read more about it in my coming article "How to make an infinite natural and organic starter". Once you got your starter, all you need is flour, water, salt and a few simple steps to guide you towards perfection. Pretty easy, uh?

But it is not the only reason! Take the crust for example; I love well-baked sourdough's, a crust usually thinner and crunchier than any other regular bread. And let's not forget about the taste, which is just as wonderful; a perfect combination between a crunchy crust and a light and creamy crumb that just melts in your mouth. Sourdough bread has such a distinct and tangy flavour, it's usually a hit-or-miss with people.

Another reason I love to work with Sourdough is that it's a process a little bit more complex and wild than a regular loaf; it for sure throws me a challenge sometimes. But once you get to know your starter and enhance your recipe, you can pretty much make wonders with a minimum of equipment (see our article "Do you need professional equipment to make bread at home?").