• Charlotte

Rookie mistakes when parking your RV

Adrien and I are not only new at full-time rving, we are simply new at rving. Which means we are learning as we go along and we have already made a few rookie mistakes.

Here is a list of things we wished we would have known before parking our fifth-wheel for the first time at a campground:

  • always empty your black and gray tanks when you arrive at the campground -and/or when you leave your previous spot if possible. Once we had finally set up our RV, we realized our tanks were half full and we would not be able to make it the whole week without having to dump our waters. A handy accessory we encountered and are thinking of buying is a tote tank like this one. It's quite pricey but I think it might be worth it on more than one occasion!

  • before undoing your fifth-wheel from your truck and leveling, make sure your hooking hose and electric line are long enough to reach the power plugs. Our hose was too short and we had to redo the whole set-up a second time.

  • if you have one or multiple slides-out, make sure nothing stands in their way when you park your RV. It would be annoying to have to redo all of your set-up because of a electric pole or a tree branch!

  • always have some pieces of wooden boards available in case the ground is uneven and you need to readjust under your wheels.

Of course, that list is non-exhaustive. And while we are at it, here is a tip for when you are about to take the road again: go to the gas station to fill up your pick-up before you hook up your trailer... much easier to maneuver!