• Charlotte

Insight into our project

As new data were brought to our attention, our project was reassessed and rearranged. This post is here to explain the few changes involved and the new route in mind.

  • Instead of a departure in September 2020 as previously planned, we intend to take the road as early as July 2020. The main reason behind this change is the simple consideration of... weather! We were naive enough to believe we could travel around Canada in a trailer until at least the end of November, only having to take a break between the three or four months of *dreadful* winter. After talking to some families on the road, a bit of perspicuity came to our door. Depending on where we are, we would be lucky to still be travelling by the end of October without having our piping froze. Meaning if we want to travel as much as possible in 2020, we have to take advantage of the summer.

  • Rather than travelling all around Canada, we decided to concentrate the first part of our project on the single Province of British Columbia, with a short trip to the Yukon. We do believe these places are more suitable to our wish-list and do not want to rush our trip. Since we would only be travelling from July 'til October, it seemed to us the best approach. Of course, if we do not find the right place during those 3 months of travelling these places, we would resume our travel after the winter, in the other Provinces and Territories.

  • We are planning to spend most of the wintertime in... FRANCE!... up 'til our parental leave expires. This would take us to the end of February 2021. Oh boy! During that time, we would still update our website and share as many recipes as possible. When returning to Canada, depending on the results of the first part of our project, we would either come back to Summerland until the summer starts again or head for the town of our choice to start phase two of our project: the bakery!

TOWN CALL! If you live either in British Columbia or in the Yukon, please post into a comment under this post: the name of your town and why we should come for a visit -in need of a bakery, the current bakery in town closing, in love with French bread and pastries... We are starting to make our tour plan RIGHT NOW.