• Charlotte

How to RV with a toddler: sleeping setup.

When we first bought the fifth wheel, we had in mind to have Elijah sleeps on the top bunk bed and use the bottom part for Noah or extra storage. But I really didn't feel comfortable with the idea of him going up and down the ladder constantly, especially not in the middle of the night if he needed to use the bathroom. This will be for when the boys are both older and until then, we found a different setup.

For now, we took the ladder down and made him a cozy space in the bottom bunk bed. Elijah still being 'small', we decided to use his crib mattress we had kept for Noah -it's a really comfy organic mattress! Again, it fits perfectly in the space, flush to the closet wall. I made a custom guardrail to keep the mattress snug and prevent Elijah from falling off the bed -it's one of his specialty because he moves a lot during the night! This setup allows him to get in and out of bed on his own, which is what he has been accustomed to since he is three months old!

And it gives him extra space behind his mattress to store all of his toys, books, puzzles and art supplies. It's just perfect! We sorted everything in different bins, so we can take out whatever he is using for easy access. Elijah is very happy with his little space and he took to the storage system very well. Mess hidden equals happy Mama!

We made use of the top bunk bed as a closet space for Adrien and I since the space in the bedroom was very limited and we do have quite a few clothing... no judgement on the number of clothing, it's a four seasons collection! Haha. We used a cargo net to prevent the clothes to fall off when we are driving. The built-in closet on the right is for the boys' clothes and shoes.

Where is your toddler sleeping in your RV? And where do you hide all of the mess?