• Charlotte

How to RV with a baby: sleeping setup.

When we bought our fifthwheel, I was three months pregnant with Noah. If we were attracted by the bunk bed for the far future, we knew we would have to find another solution for when Noah was still under one year old. Having him close to my sleeping area was a must since I'm breastfeeding and I really didn't see myself getting up every 2 to 3 hours -yes, Noah is a very good sleeper ha ha ha. The space besides our bed being very limited, there were not many options. We first looked into co-sleepers or bassinets, but nothing was narrow enough to fit the space. Luckily, we had some outside foam cushions that were exactly the right size. And by exactly, I mean it literally covers the hole you can see besides our bed on the picture below.

Next step was to create the frame of the bed. We had some pieces of wood laying around the yard. One of them was just the dimensions we needed to add another side bar under our bed structure, to which we fixed the homemade slats. The slats are then just sitting on the other side because we tried to avoid drilling holes in the trailer's structure.

The last step was just to put the 'mattress' down -we used two of the foam cushions on top of each other- and voila! Noah's bed, close to Mama, was finished! And according to this next picture, we can agree he likes it!

Another thing we had to adjust after our first night into the trailer was the curtain above Noah. The light could still come through the bottom part and, half of the time, he had a ray of sunshine right in his face. We added some fabric leftover from the curtains we customed made and attached it with some velcro. Problem solved, Noah can now enjoy his bed no matter the time of day or night.

What do you think of our setup? What setup did you come up with for your traveling baby?