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Hot Cross Buns.

Easter is here and other than chocolate, what else could you make that yourself and your kids will love! Well I got the answer: HOT CROSS BUNS! Those are a dangerous treat; fluffy, sweet and spicy, those warm buns will melt in your mouth in an explosion of flavors.

In the following recipe, I start doing the dough by hand but finish it with my mixer.

Yield: 12 pieces between 60 and 70g each.


  • White flour : 375g

  • Sugar: 40g

  • Fresh yeast : 20g Instant/Dry yeast: 7g

  • Salt: 5g

  • Butter: 50g

  • Milk: 190g

  • Water:30g

  • Cinnamon: 4g

  • Allspice: 4g

  • Nutmeg: 2g

  • Currants: 70g

  • Raisins: 20g

  • Water to soak them: 20g


Hope you enjoyed the video, don't hesitate to share, comment and ask any questions.

Happy Easter everyone!




From France, Adrien and Charlotte met in Canada. In August 2017, Elijah was born followed by Noah in February 2020. A baker since his teenage years, Adrien always longed for the day he would be opening his bakery, supported by his family. Now is the time.


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