• Adrien

Hot Cross Buns.

Easter is here and other than chocolate, what else could you make that yourself and your kids will love! Well I got the answer: HOT CROSS BUNS! Those are a dangerous treat; fluffy, sweet and spicy, those warm buns will melt in your mouth in an explosion of flavors.

In the following recipe, I start doing the dough by hand but finish it with my mixer.

Yield: 12 pieces between 60 and 70g each.


  • White flour : 375g

  • Sugar: 40g

  • Fresh yeast : 20g Instant/Dry yeast: 7g

  • Salt: 5g

  • Butter: 50g

  • Milk: 190g

  • Water:30g

  • Cinnamon: 4g

  • Allspice: 4g

  • Nutmeg: 2g

  • Currants: 70g

  • Raisins: 20g

  • Water to soak them: 20g


Hope you enjoyed the video, don't hesitate to share, comment and ask any questions.

Happy Easter everyone!