• Adrien

Do you need professional equipment to make bread at home?

The answer is simple: no, you do not.

As a professional baker, I've always been kinda skeptic towards people making bread at home, particularly with those bread making machines... I would always say "I'd rather not eat bread at all than eat those fake bread*." But as you could say, with experience comes wisdom, right? I started getting more and more interested in making my own bread at home too... baking at work was just not enough anymore.

And so began my journey of learning how to make bread at home. You could think that, for a baker, it would be rather simple... but it was actually not. It's a completely different environment as well as different equipment, and I had to learn how to make bread all over again. My expectations / main goal was to get the same result at home than at the bakery. And believe me, it took me a few attempts to get my bread finally as I like it!

Here is a list of equipment I personally use to make bread at home:

*apologies to anyone making bread at home with that kind of machine... if it works for you and you like your bread this way, no judgement!