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Dear Baby Bean,

Your due date is getting closer - three days away to be precise. But what do they know?

Your big brother was unexpectedly 10 days early, which made us believe you would be an early baby as well. We, your daddy and mommy, wanted you to be an early baby. Because we are growing very impatient to finally meet you. But it was a selfish wish.

Today, I would like to tell you it's okay to be on time or even late. I made my peace with your due date or the eventuality of you coming a couple of weeks later. Take your time, I do not want to rush you into the chaos of life. Anyways, you know better than us when the time will be right and I trust you. All I am asking you is to trust me in return.

Everything is ready for your arrival and we are as ready as can be. The pool is set up, the supplies are piled up, the laundry is clean and folded, the freezer is full of homemade ready-to-go meals, and the house is as tidy as can be with your goofy brother around.

But most importantly, I am ready.

Ready to welcome the waves of life one by one. Ready to let go and give you the control of my body. Ready to guide you into this life with each and every one of my breaths. Ready to surrounder to the beauty of birth.

We are waiting for you and we love you, Baby Bean.

Your Mama.


From France, Adrien and Charlotte met in Canada. In August 2017, Elijah was born followed by Noah in February 2020. A baker since his teenage years, Adrien always longed for the day he would be opening his bakery, supported by his family. Now is the time.


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