• Adrien

Best and easy homemade sourdough country loaf for beginner.

I recently joined a group for sourdough fan on facebook, after posting a few pictures of my creation i realised how much interest and question people had about making their own homemade bread, particulary in those quarantine time due to virus covid19.

I think beginner homemade bread baker get confused with all the different terms and technique there is on the internet, and i get it it took me a while to master the bread at home even though i've been a baker for 10 years. But don't worry today i'm here to give you and show you in a youtube video the easiest and best way to make a nice loaf of bread at home for your family and yourself.

I really want to make that article for beginners so i'm gonna try to not enter any complicated details and keep it as simple as can be, hopefully you will find the process easy and well explain.

Here for you the recipe that we are going to work with first: (Don't pay attention to the %, i will explain them and how it works in another article, like i said keep it simple for that one haha.)

80% hard white bread flour 260g

20% whole wheat flour 65g

78% water 250g (winter time approx 30-34c is good, Summer 25-28c.)

20% starter 65g

2% salt 6g

200% Total 646g

Keep in mind, that there is a lot of variable that can change the dough, particulary with sourdough. I will show you a model and example of technique and process you can use but don't hesitate to adapt depending on your flour and texture that you got. You might have to knead longer of give more fold in order to have a well prove bread.

Experience will give you knowledge, don't give up, you'll get it right.

I will let you watch the video for the process instead of writing it in here, I hope everything will be clear for you, sorry for the french accent, my english is not perfect. :D

Please share and comment! Don't hesitate to ask any question you have.