• Charlotte

A day in Kimberley, BC.

Kimberley is situated about 45 minutes West of Cranbrook, in the East Kootenay. From 1917 to 2001, it was home to the world’s largest lead-zinc mine, the Sullivan Mine. But nowadays, it’s more of a tourist skiing and snowboarding destination; it’s also popular for fishing, whitewater rafting, kayaking, biking, hiking and golfing. And the town also got the largest urban park in Canada - 1,977 acres!

Here is an idea of what you can do when in Kimberley:

  • A stroll in the Platzl

First thing first, walk around what they call the Platzl and enjoy the very charming European feel of the pedestrian downtown. I personally thought they had all the shops you would need in your life: a cute café, a pizzeria, a cheese shop, a toy store, an art supplies store, an indoor climbing gym, a brewery, a laundromat, a candy store and most importantly… a knitting boutique! Seriously, along our stroll, I kept being amazed by the stores available. The only thing missing was their popular bakery which just closed down.

  • Kimberley’s Underground Mining Railway

Next, you can tour their mining centre… which was a big winning ticket for Elijah! We basically went for him but we ended up enjoying the tour as much as he did because of all the information you learn along the way. It’s interesting to retrace how the town was built.

  • The Butte Lookout

Pack up a lunch and continue your day with a short hike. This fairly easy walk –if you don’t go when it’s too hot- is close to Marysville. It gives you a nice view of the Rockies without climbing too high! Perfect with kids. If it’s too hot, you may want to switch the hike for later during the day.

  • St Mary’s Lake

End up the day at this gorgeous lake accessible through Marysville. The water is very cold, but it’s a nice spot to enjoy the rest of the day! You can even have a bonfire before heading back to your sleeping quarters –no overnight camping allowed at the lake.

As you may have noticed, the town did a good impression on me. Unfortunately, not so much on Adrien’s who is more looking at it as a long-term business plan. If it was not for this big bakery for sale, I’m sure it would be a perfect spot for us!