ABOUT on the l00kout

On the l00kout for what, one may ask. Happiness? In a certain way, I guess.

My husband, Adrien, and I are on the lookout for the perfect place to open up our dream business: a French bakery-café. But not any regular bakery-café. It is meant to be a place to share our love for bread in a cozy and homey environment, a place you would feel as comfortable as at home, a place where you can dream big around a cup of coffee and a true French pain au chocolat, a place where strangers become good friends.

To accomplish our mission, we have decided to tour Canada in a motor-home for three months with the other members of our tribe: our toddler, Elijah and our newborn, Noah.

Departure is planned for July 1st, 2020 from Summerland, BC. Where will we head first? YOU tell us! Do you think your hometown would be the perfect place for us? Are you dreading for a good baguette? Drop us an email with the name of your hometown and why you think it would be the perfect place for our family business!

In the meantime, we will start sharing our love for bread on this blog, as well as the preparation for our journey! Enjoy the ride!

About Adrien

Born in France, Adrien started baking bread at the age of 16 as an apprentice. In 2011, he obtained his diploma as a baker through the Académie of Grenoble. 


Some specialize in pastries, but Adrien's true talent lies in bread -especially sourdough.


After working as a baker's assistant in France for a couple of years, he decided to move to Canada. He filled the position of head-baker for 5 consecutive years at Brick Street Bakery, in Toronto ON, before moving to Summerland BC where he became the head-baker at True Grain. 


After now 10 years in the industry, he is ready to be his own head-baker and start his dream business along with his family.

About Charlotte

Born in France, Charlotte pursued English studies within mind the wish to become a teacher abroad. After obtaining her degree in French as a Foreign Language, she decided to move to Canada in 2011.  


After travelling for a while, in 2014 she obtained a translation diploma at Concordia University in Montréal QC and later moved to Toronto where she met Adrien.


After working as an Early Childcare Educator for a couple of years, she dedicated herself to her son, Elijah, and became a stay-at-home mother. 

Her only wish now is to find the perfect place to establish herself with her family and help her husband with his business dream in any way she can.